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best eviction lawyers in florida

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Did you know over 650,000 COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Florida by early September? This huge number means the state may see a jump in evictions. The eviction moratorium ends on October 1st, 20201. Now more than ever, expert help is needed for Florida evictions.

Kevin H. Fabrikant’s law group is here to help. They are renowned in Florida for excellent eviction services, focusing on helping landlords manage non-paying tenants. They work efficiently, aiming to resolve cases within 30 days.

The first step is helping with the hiring paperwork. This includes a Retainer Agreement and Fact Sheet. They also help send out eviction notices. If a tenant has not gotten one, they can help start the process. The firm provides regular updates on how cases are going to keep clients in the loop2.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 650,000 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Florida as of early September1.
  • Eviction moratorium in Florida ends on October 1st, potentially increasing eviction cases1.
  • Kevin H. Fabrikant’s law group aims for a 30-day eviction case resolution2.
  • Offering comprehensive eviction process legal support Florida, including drafting eviction notices.
  • Weekly status reports provided to keep clients updated2.

Why Choose the Best Eviction Lawyers in Florida?

Choosing the best eviction lawyers in Florida, like Kevin H. Fabrikant’s practice, means you will work with experts. They are good at eviction procedures, know tenant rights, and understand landlord power. They make the eviction process easier, guiding you through Florida’s legal world smoothly.

Understanding Tenant Rights and Landlord Leverage

To succeed in evicting in Florida, knowing Florida tenant protection and landlord rights is key. Good lawyers know tenants must respond to an eviction in 5 days, so being fast is vital3. They also grasp that tenants often don’t put rent money in the court, affecting legal moves3. If tenants ignore a pay or vacate notice, they could be evicted. This shows why having a skilled lawyer is so important4.

Navigating Florida’s Complex Eviction Laws

Understanding Florida’s eviction laws requires top-notch lawyers. They seek to get a final decision 3-4 weeks after filing. They also ensure the eviction order is right3. It’s important to know how to defend against eviction, like if the notice is wrong or the place is not safe to live. Good lawyers in tenant-landlord law expertise help protect tenants’ rights4. If you’re a tenant, a good lawyer can help you negotiate to stay in your home4.

The Eviction Process in Florida: A Step-by-Step Guide

The eviction process in Florida has clear steps to follow the law. This guide from Kevin H. Fabrikant’s legal firm helps landlords do things right.

Initial Notices and Documentation

Eviction starts with giving the right notices to tenants. For late rent, use a Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. This is if the rent is three days late5. If a tenant breaks the lease with fixable issues, send a Seven-Day Notice to Cure5. For serious or repeated problems, an Unconditional Quit Notice is needed. It tells the tenant to leave within seven days5. Ending month-to-month deals also needs a 30-day notice before the next month starts5. It’s very important to follow these rules to avoid trouble.

Handling Court Proceedings

If the tenant doesn’t change things after getting the notice, court action is next. Landlords file an eviction complaint to start the legal part. It’s really helpful to have a lawyer like those at Kevin H. Fabrikant’s team. They help with the paperwork and legal steps. The goal is to solve things within 30 days, if the court’s schedule allows.

Post-Eviction Procedures

After eviction, landlords have duties about tenants’ things and money. They must act right about security deposits, including a Notice of Claim. If tenants leave things, landlords give details about the items, possible costs, where they are, and the deadline for claiming them. Kevin H. Fabrikant’s firm supports landlords in these steps, making sure they follow the law and protect their rights.

Top Qualities of Leading Eviction Lawyers in Florida

Choosing the right eviction lawyer in Florida is crucial. The best attorneys stand out by offering top-notch service. They make sure you get the best help for your case.

Expertise in Local Real Estate Law

Experts in Florida real estate law know the ins and outs. Places like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates understand the local rules. This is key in Florida, where evictions are common6. They help with rent issues and maintenance problems, providing strong legal support.

Strong Track Record of Success

Having a good history in eviction cases is important for lawyers in Florida. Firms such as Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates mark many successes. They resolve disputes quickly and effectively, including those about security deposits6. Their skill and strategies bring winning results, making them trusted in eviction law.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Florida’s best eviction lawyers care deeply about their clients. Firms like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates focus on keeping clients informed. They offer sound advice and work to ease any landlord’s financial strain. Their service is tailored to fit the unique needs of landlords in Florida.

For further expert guidance, visit this resource on landlord-tenant law.

Affordable Eviction Lawyers in Florida: What to Expect

Finding low-cost eviction help in Florida doesn’t have to mean cutting corners. It’s key to know what to expect when looking at Florida eviction lawyer prices. Big firms like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates show all costs upfront. This way, you understand what you’re paying for and there are no surprises. Court filing costs in Florida are typically $190 per tenant, with lawyer fees at $295 per tenant7.

The price of an eviction lawyer can change a lot, based on things like if it’s for a home or a business, where it’s happening, how complex the case is, and the lawyer’s skill8. The cost usually falls between $500 and $5,0008. Still, the aim is to give quality service that’s also affordable. So, you get a good deal without compromising on quality.

affordable eviction legal services Florida

Transparent Fee Structures

Knowing the full cost from the start is vital for landlords needing eviction help. You should get a detailed list of all fees, including things like process serving and summons fees. For instance, process serving is $40 for one tenant and $120 for three. Summons fees run from $10 to $30 based on the number of tenants7. This setup helps you avoid unexpected costs.

Getting effective, budget-friendly legal help is key for handling evictions. Flat-fee services offer a clear picture of the costs from the beginning, starting at $5508. There also may be extra fees for certain tasks, like preparing a Three-Day Notice or Fifteen-Day Notice. However, these are designed to keep the overall cost down while getting good service7. Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates is committed to offering affordable legal eviction help in Florida. They make the process simple without reducing the quality, so you can get the best results at a fair price.

Experience Matters: Finding Experienced Eviction Attorneys in Florida

Your attorney’s skill matters a lot in eviction cases. Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates in Florida are top-notch. They have deep experience in landlord-tenant law. With their help, complex eviction cases become manageable9.

Years of Practice in Eviction Cases

This firm has handled over 1,200 eviction cases in court. They know all about evicting tenants for not paying rent, lease violations, or refusing to leave. They are experts in dealing with these issues9.

Specialization in Landlord-Tenant Law

Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates are experts in Florida’s rental laws. They help landlords from the start, like sending a three-day notice9. They guide through the court process and make sure all state laws are followed. This expertise gives landlords peace of mind2.

How to Select the Best Eviction Lawyer for Your Needs

Getting the right eviction lawyer is key in disputes with landlords. Look at their qualifications, what clients say, and how they do overall.

Evaluating Credentials and Certifications

It’s important to check a lawyer’s credentials in Florida. Good eviction lawyers have solid education and belong to trusted legal groups. The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC, headed by Ryan S. Shipp, Esquire, in Palm Beach County is a great example. They have lots of experience in landlord-tenant issues all over Florida10. This makes them top-notch for dealing with tough eviction laws.

Reading Client Testimonials and Reviews

Listening to what others say is big when picking an eviction lawyer. Reviews from Florida show if a lawyer is good and trustworthy. Places like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates get high marks for good results and being quick to respond. The Law Office of Ryan S. Shipp, PLLC is also praised for clear billing without extra fees10. These good points really help people choose.

It also helps to see how well a lawyer communicates and acts professionally. This makes you feel more at ease and helps you pick a lawyer that suits your needs and case.

In Florida, expert eviction attorneys use smart strategies for each case. They work fast to avoid money problems for landlords. For example, Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates resolves cases within 30 days, offering quick service. Landlords face tenant challenges like notice issues or claims of bad conditions. Skilled attorneys easily manage these tough situations.211

Quick and Efficient Case Handling

Eviction lawyers aim to make things go smoothly and save landlords money. They quickly send out needed notices, like a 3-Day Notice for rent not paid. It costs $550 for their services. This deal helps bring affordable and quick legal help. They help all over Florida from various locations, including Broward County’s main office. This broadens their reach and speeds up how fast they can help.211

Effective Negotiation Tactics

These attorneys also try to talk things out early with tenants. Their aim is to avoid going to court. They make sure guarantees in leases are followed by talking to guarantors early. After the case, they handle things like changing locks right, to avoid more problems. These actions show their priority is to help landlords in the best way, while keeping things legal.

Case Handling Duration30 days goal completion
Fee StructureFlat fee of $550, with additional fees
Notices3-Day Notice, 7-Day Notice
Office LocationsThroughout Florida, main office in Broward County

How Eviction Law Firms in Florida Handle Different Cases

Eviction law firms in Florida do a great job with both home and business evictions. They use special plans to make sure cases go smoothly. Every eviction type is different and needs special skills to solve.

eviction case management Florida

Residential Evictions

For residential eviction handling in Florida, lawyers look at the law closely. They check on things like security deposits, lease deals, and when tenants have to leave.

Evictions often start if a tenant does not pay or breaks the lease. Here’s a key part: when tenants get a warning, they have 5 days to respond. This is called to file an “Answer” with the court3. If they do not, landlords or their lawyers ask the court for a default decision. Then, they move for a final judgment quickly, aiming to get permission to remove the tenant within just 3-4 weeks3.

Commercial Evictions

Business tenant evictions in Florida can get even more complex. Things like distress writs, landlord liens, and lease promises all come into play. It takes sharp legal skills to understand tough lease deals and look out for the landlord’s money.

If a business tenant does not fight back, the landlord can get a Writ of Possession. This means the eviction went well3. But sometimes, these cases go to a big decision or talk if the tenant fights back3. This shows how skillful law firms in Florida can be, making sure they follow all the rules and keep the landlord’s interests safe.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During the Eviction Process

Landlords face many mistakes during evictions. It’s key to follow best practices in Florida. These errors can cause big delays, lose money, and legal issues.

Improper Notice Serving

Not serving eviction notices right is a big mistake. In Florida, it’s key to do this correctly. If not, you might have the case thrown out or face delays. Knowing the rules about entering a rented place in Florida can help avoid problems12.

Not paying attention to Florida’s rules on evictions is a serious mistake. You must follow Florida’s laws for a smooth eviction. Many landlords don’t, which leads to fights or claims of discrimination from tenants12. Also, not having a lawyer for eviction is a bad move12. A great legal team like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates can help you avoid these errors.

Keeping good records and talking to legal experts helps avoid these pitfalls. Firms that focus on evictions, like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates, keep landlords up-to-date and following all legal steps. This avoids mistakes in the eviction process. It is vital to give a proper eviction notice and follow Florida’s eviction laws closely.

Now, let’s look at the common mistakes landlords make during evictions and what they cause:

Improper Notice ServingDelays and Case Dismissal
Ignoring Legal RequirementsIncreases Disputes and Legal Risks
Failure to Hire an AttorneyLower Success Rates
Verbal ConfrontationsHousing Discrimination Claims
Accepting Partial PaymentsCompromises Eviction Proceedings

Understanding the Costs Associated with Eviction Services

In Florida, knowing about eviction costs is super important. You can get charged a set fee or by the hour. Places like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates often ask for a flat fee. This makes it easy for landlords to know what they’ll pay up front. For example, getting rid of someone from your rental place might cost $2,000. This cover everything from the first talk to court if needed13.

Flat Fee vs. Hourly Billing

Deciding between a flat fee and paying by the hour depends on how hard the case seems. A flat fee means you pay one price for most things you need. But, if things get sticky, paying by the hour might be better. Hourly rates in Florida can start at $500 but go all the way up to $5,000. This is based on the lawyer and the case details8. In big cities, lawyers might cost more than $400 an hour8.

Potential Additional Charges

Even with a flat fee, other costs might sneak up. Things like filing in court can be between $50 to $500. Serving documents might cost $50 to $150. Plus, if the tenant messes up your place, that could cost you too8. Usually, dealing with evictions can run about $3,500 and take a month14. It’s smart to think about all possible expenses. This helps with planning your budget and knowing the whole cost.

Proactive Measures for Landlords to Prevent Evictions

If you want to avoid evictions in Florida, start by being proactive. This means making sure tenants are good fits. You should also check the property often and strictly follow the lease. These steps will help keep things peaceful and lessen the chance of eviction.

Tenant Screening and Background Checks

Choosing renters carefully is key. Good screening can cut evictions by 75%15. By looking into backgrounds, you can pick people you can trust. This lowers the risk of problems like missing rent or property harm. It’s a big part of stopping evictions before they happen.

Regular Property Inspections

Checking the property often helps catch problems early. This stops the lease from being broken badly and prevents big damages. In places like Orlando with a busy real estate scene, this is a must16. Fixing up the place regularly can lower evictions by 40%15. This makes inspection crucial for keeping tenants happy and in their homes.

Enforcing Lease Agreements

Making sure the lease is followed is crucial. Strong leases can cut eviction issues by half15. If you keep an open line with your tenants and solve small problems fast, everyone’s happier. This way, you’re less likely to end up evicting someone. It leads to a 70% improvement in sorting out problems without drastic steps15.

Proactive MeasureImpact on Eviction Rates
Thorough Tenant ScreeningReduces eviction proceedings by 75%15
Regular Property InspectionsDecreases eviction rates by 40%15
Enforcement of Lease Terms50% fewer disputes leading to evictions15
Open Communication60% decrease in escalated issues15

Using these strategies can make your rental business more steady and profitable. You’ll lose less money and it’s better for keeping good tenants around.

Resources and Support for Evicted Tenants

If you’re facing eviction in Florida, help is out there. You can find support like legal advice and places that help. These are key in getting through this hard time.

Florida has lots of places for legal help with evictions. Nowack & Olson, PLLC and other firms give free legal help in Florida. They make sure tenants’ rights are respected under Florida’s laws about property, both homes, and businesses17.

If a landlord wants you out, they must follow the rules. You can fight your eviction if there are problems like not getting the right notice or if the place isn’t safe17. Free legal help makes it easier to use these arguments.

Community Resources and Assistance Programs

Besides legal help, community groups in Florida also offer aid. They give counseling and money to help those who have been evicted. They offer places to stay and help find jobs too.

Florida’s eviction help does a lot for people in need. They advise on what to do after leaving a place, like finding a new home. They also teach about your rights as a renter.

What to Expect When Working with an Eviction Lawyer

Getting an eviction lawyer in Florida involves several key steps. These are all meant to make the whole process smooth and easy. Knowing what’s coming can keep you strong during this tough time.

Initial Consultation and Case Evaluation

The first step is talking to a lawyer in an initial eviction lawyer consultation Florida. They will check if your case is strong. You’ll hear about the legal steps, what problems may come up, and how long it might take to solve them. This sets a clear path for what’s next.

Regular Communication and Updates

After starting, keeping in touch with your ongoing case communication Florida is key. Your lawyer will update you often and answer any questions. This keeps you ready for what’s ahead and helps manage your expectations.

Post-Eviction Support

After the eviction, you may still get help from some firms in post-eviction guidance Florida. They might give tips on security deposits, leftover stuff, or other legal issues. This ongoing support from your lawyer is part of eviction attorney case management. It ensures you’re covered all the way.

In Florida, tenants have 5 days to reply to an eviction notice3. Eviction lawyers try to wrap up the case in 3-4 weeks after the notice. This shows why having legal help is so important3. Without a lawyer, you might not get the result you want. So, professional guidance is crucial from the start.


Getting the right eviction lawyers in Florida is very important for landlords in fights with tenants. Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates are great in this area. They work hard to solve each eviction case in 30 days. They also keep their clients updated weekly. This shows how they really care about quick and efficient help2.

Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates charge a flat rate of $550 at first. This makes them one of the best in Florida for affordable solutions. With many offices all over Florida, they can help with evictions in any county. This makes it easy and accessible for landlords needing help2. They make sure their fees are clear and help prevent evictions. This shows how much they want to make their clients happy2.

Picking experts like Kevin H. Fabrikant & Associates means landlords can look after their investment well. They provide more than just eviction assistance, addressing money issues, code violations, and property damage. They stay in touch and offer support even after an eviction. This all makes them top at what they do in Florida. They make sure they do a complete job, aiming for clients’ happiness and following all the laws2.

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