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June 5, 2024

sell my mobile home in florida

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Want to sell your mobile home for top dollar in Florida’s lively market? In 2024, knowing how cash sales work can help you. Last month, Florida saw 21,777 home sales, most of them paid in cash. This shows cash is king in this growing market1.

Putting your home on can help you find more cash buyers, locally and nationwide. It costs $399 to list there instead of paying high service fees. Doing this can lead to better cash offers and avoid smaller ones1.

Houzeo has a top user rating of 4.9 on Google and Trustpilot. With them, sellers can get the most for their property without the usual hassles of selling. With such a strong market for cash deals, don’t miss out on better offers.

Key Takeaways

  • Florida’s real estate market is dominated by cash sales, with a majority of homes sold for cash last month1.
  • Listing on platforms like can expose your mobile home to a wider audience for just a $399 fee1.
  • Houzeo’s high customer satisfaction rating (4.9 on Google and Trustpilot) ensures a reliable selling experience.
  • Avoid lowball offers by soliciting multiple cash proposals through reputable cash buyer marketplaces.
  • Maximize your cash offers without incurring traditional service fees by using trusted platforms.

Why Sell Your Mobile Home for Cash in Florida?

cash for mobile homes Florida

Selling your mobile home for cash in Florida has many perks. It avoids low offers and speeds up the sale. Houzeo helps with this and gets you a top market price by reaching many buyers.

Benefits of Cash Buyers

Getting cash for your mobile home in Florida is fast and easy. Without waiting on inspections or loans, deals close quickly2. You can be done in weeks. Junk Home Buyers offers cash offer within days, making things speedier3.

Save Time and Money

Selling for cash in Florida means no slow loan steps, offering quick sales3. You also save on agent fees. Even if cash offers are a bit less, the fast and easy deals balance it out3. Plus, buyers take care of repairs fast, keeping the process smooth2.

How to Find Mobile Home Buyers in Florida

Looking for the right buyer can change how your mobile home sale goes. Using cash buyer sites and knowing who’s looking for homes can make things smooth. This can help you get the best deal quickly.

Using Cash Buyer Marketplaces

Put your home on and reach many people. You can find anyone from big names to locals there. It’s a great way to get your home noticed without any extra costs. With Houzeo, you can sell your home fast without the usual wait and fees4.

Local vs. National Buyers

Thinking about selling to a local or national buyer is a big choice. National buyers can bring more eyes to your home and maybe better deals. But, local buyers really know the area and might offer just what you need. Florida Mobile Home Buyer™ serves the whole state, making the process simple for sellers4.

mobile home buyers in Florida

It’s key to look into any buyer, whether they’re local or a big company. Companies like Mobile Home Cash Offer make selling easy. They have a clear, fair way to give you cash for your home without any surprises5.

Steps to Sell Your Mobile Home Fast in Florida

Selling your mobile home quickly in Florida has key steps. These steps will boost your chance for a fast, profitable sale. Knowing these steps makes the process smoother and leads to a win.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

First, getting your home ready is key to attract buyers. Make needed repairs and upgrades to boost your home’s appeal. A good-looking home can get you a better price. This is perfect for homes from $30,000 to $50,000 that lots of buyers want3. Also, make sure all your paperwork is set. This includes the title and bill of sale. It makes things easier when you sell6.

Get Multiple Cash Offers

Next, you need multiple cash offers to dodge lowball offers. This helps you make the most of Florida’s strong mobile home market3. Putting your home on sites like Houzeo shows your home to many investors. This raises your chance to get good deals6. Cash sales are great because they avoid long waits for financing2.

Close the Deal Quickly

Finally, quick deals often happen with cash buyers. They can close in as little as a week3. Places like Offerpad and mobile home buying pros fix needed repairs fast. They close when it’s best for you. This quick process helps your home sell fast, which is vital in Florida’s brisk market.

Follow these steps to sell your mobile home fast in Florida. From getting your home ready, attracting many cash offers, to sealing the deal without delays.

Top Companies That Offer Cash for Mobile Homes in Florida

Looking to sell your mobile home in Florida? Check out top companies for the best deal. Houzeo, Opendoor, Offerpad and Junk Home Buyers have great services for sellers.

Junk Home Buyers – Your Mobile Home Cash Buyer

Looking to sell your mobile home in Florida fast? Junk Home Buyers can help. They are trusted buyers who make selling easy. You won’t face any hassle when selling to them.

About Junk Home Buyers

Junk Home Buyers are well-known in the mobile home market. They offer a simple, no-pressure selling process. You get a fair cash offer without fixing anything first.

Working with them means quick results. You might get a cash offer in just 24 to 48 hours. This offer will be just right for your home, no matter the size or state5. This speed lets you sell without waiting too long.

Contact Information: Call (855) 725-5686

Ready to sell or have questions? Just call (855) 725-5686. Junk Home Buyers make selling stress-free. They value fairness and honesty in every transaction. Start now to sell your mobile home easily with their help.


Houzeo is a leader in Florida’s mobile home market. It doesn’t charge service fees. It uses tech and easy-to-use platforms for listing options that make you noticeable. This gets you better offers and an easy selling process, attracting buyers who pay cash fast.


Opendoor makes selling easy and flexible. They give 70-80% of your home’s value, but may require up to a 6% fee. So, sometimes, you get less money after the home inspection. Even then, sellers like them for quick and easy deals in Florida’s mobile home market.


For quick sales, Offerpad is a great choice. They also give 70-80% of your home’s value, with up to 6% in fees. Sellers like their speedy process, though it could mean less money after inspection. Both Opendoor and Offerpad offer quick and helpful services for selling in Florida.

How to Get Top Dollar Offers for Your Mobile Home in Florida

To get a great price for your mobile home in Florida, it’s all about being smart. This means getting your home ready, knowing the market, and talking with buyers well. By doing this, you’ll likely get the best offers for your home.

Maximizing Your Home’s Value

Make your mobile home look its best to attract good offers. Fix what needs repair and update what you can. Some companies will buy your home fast, even in a week. This lets you make the most of the current market5. Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc. is one of these companies, offering a quick purchase process7.

Negotiation Tips

Good negotiation skills are crucial for a high sale price. Ask more than one buyer for offers to start a bidding war. Mobile Home Cash Offer promises better deals than others and talks about great selling terms5. Also, look for buyers who help in special cases, like avoiding foreclosure or selling fast for other reasons7.

To bargain well, understand why your home’s worth more. Its size, age, state, and where it’s located all matter for the price you could get5. Knowing these points will help you talk up your home’s value.

Focus on what makes your home great and use smart negotiation tricks. This way, you can get an excellent price for your mobile home in Florida’s active market.

Understanding the Florida Mobile Home Market

In recent years, people look for affordable homes in Florida. The cost of regular houses is going up. So, many are turning to mobile homes3. Used mobile homes between $30,000 to $50,000 are very popular. This price range attracts a lot of buyers and sellers3.

The Florida mobile home market has many options. You can find renovated homes or new ones. The price of the space the home sits on also affects the cost3. MH Brokers without a real estate license make selling easier3.

Pricing Factors

Where the home is, its shape, and the papers it comes with matter. These make buyers trust sellers more. Sales are now more professional, with help for park approvals3.

This makes sales better and more trusted in Florida3.

“Use Houzeo to find more buyers. This can help you sell your home in Florida faster and easier.”

It’s important to know how title transfers work and what they cost. Getting a new copy of the title costs $78.25. There’s more to pay for a Fast Title service3. Only the owner or someone with a loan on the home can do the transfer. This is to keep things honest and make the sale go well3.

Doing these right helps you sell better in Florida3.

Understanding the Florida Mobile Home Market

In Florida, many people buy mobile homes with cash. This makes selling homes quick and easy. Cash buyers skip the complex financing steps, so deals happen fast and smooth6. Knowing this helps understand why mobile home prices in Florida can change a lot.

In Florida, home prices go up, but fewer homes are sold8. Places like Tampa, Sarasota, and Kissimmee are very popular for mobile homes8. Florida is the top state for manufactured homes in the US. This is because of its low taxes and busy real estate market8.

Pricing Factors

Their state and condition, where they are, and how much buyers want them affect mobile home prices in Florida. To set a good price, professionals look at home size, age, and more2. Sellers should make their homes look nice, take good pictures, and use sites like Facebook Marketplace and Zillow to sell6. Also, the tax when you buy a home changes based on its width – single, double, or triple8.

Sell My Mobile Home in Florida: Advantages and Pitfalls

Want to sell my mobile home in Florida? It’s key to know the good and bads. Selling fast has big pluses. You skip the long wait and unsure steps of normal home selling. Companies like Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc. make it easy. Just fill a form, get a good offer, and close for quick cash7. No need for fixing or real estate agents. It’s a simple and fast way to sell7

But, there are downsides, too. You might get a low cash offer or face rules that block the sale. Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc. buys even the most damaged mobile homes. This shows they know their stuff and are ready to work with you. This can avoid bad deals from other buyers7. Knowing about these low offers helps you make smart choices7.

So, what’s the plan? Look into the market and ways to get the best deal. Florida Mobile Home Solutions, Inc. gives cash offers fast and lets you pick the closing day. This can be done in just 7 days7. Having these choices is a big plus for fast mobile home sales. This easy and clear way of doing things can take away a lot of the usual worry about selling a mobile home in Florida.

Finally, selling your mobile home in Florida quickly has lots of good points. But knowing about the bads and having a good plan can make your sale a win for you.


Selling a mobile home in Florida can seem hard. But, sites like Houzeo and Offerpad make it easy. They help you get quick cash offers, making your sale a success.

There is a big demand for used mobile homes in Florida3. People need more affordable homes. Sites like Offerpad can close deals fast, within a week3. They also help with necessary paperwork and approvals, which makes selling easier3.

To get good money for your home, you need to price it right. Use services like Houzeo to find many cash buyers. This boosts your chance of getting a great offer6. If you want an easy process, Junk Home Buyers is a good choice. They make buying your home simple and clear.

Even though selling can be hard, using the right help makes it smoother. Prepare your home, learn about the market, and use good resources. This will help you sell your mobile home in Florida successfully.


How can I sell my mobile home quickly in Florida?

To sell your mobile home fast in Florida, get it ready for sale. List it on places like Houzeo. Ask for many cash offers. This helps you get competitive bids and a quick sale.

What are the benefits of selling my mobile home for cash in Florida?

Selling for cash means a faster process with no agent fees. Buyers on Houzeo might offer close to 100% FMV. This saves time and gets you a fair price for your home.

How do I find mobile home buyers in Florida?

List your home on to reach local and national buyers. This gives your home more visibility. Local buyers might offer more market-specific perks.

What steps should I take to prepare my mobile home for sale?

Make sure your home is clean and fix any repairs needed. Staging it can make it more attractive. This helps you get more buyers and better offers.

How does help in selling mobile homes in Florida? has a low 9 listing fee and no hidden service fees. It’s rated highly for customer satisfaction. They spread your listing to many sites, bringing in lots of buyers.

What are the top companies that offer cash for mobile homes in Florida?

The top companies are Houzeo, Opendoor, and Offerpad. Houzeo is known for its low fees and wide exposure. Opendoor offers flexible closing dates. Offerpad closes quickly but might give lower offers after inspection.

What trends should I be aware of in the Florida mobile home market?

In 2024, cash sales are popular as home prices rise and sales fall. Knowing the market and making your home appealing can get you a good offer.

How can I maximize the value of my mobile home before selling?

To get the best price, upgrade and repair your home. Keep it clean and stage it. Market it well to attract many buyers.

What are the pricing factors to consider when selling a mobile home in Florida?

Think about the home’s condition, location, and market demand. Also, the offers you get on cash buyer sites matter. Knowing these things helps you set a good price to draw in buyers.

What are the advantages and pitfalls of selling my mobile home in Florida?

Quick sales and no agent fees are pluses. But, you might get low offers or face strict buying rules. Research and market know-how can help avoid these issues.

Who are Junk Home Buyers and how can they help?

Junk Home Buyers buy mobile homes in Florida for cash. They offer fair prices and an easy, no-stress deal. Call (855) 725-5686 for more info.


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