Top Places to Buy Land in Florida: Best Locations

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July 11, 2024

best places to buy land in florida

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Are you looking for great land in Florida that’s both a good investment and perfect for peaceful living? This guide gives you a peek at Florida’s top spots. You’ll see busy cities and quiet countryside areas.

Florida is a gem with its beautiful beaches, tax benefits, and a thriving economy. It’s a top pick for buying real estate, whether you want to build a home, farm, or grow your wealth. In Melbourne, you can find land from $4,000 to $20,000 per acre1. This wide price range means there’s something for everyone. In Sarasota, land prices start at just $2,000 per acre1. It’s a great deal for investment, with potential for big returns.

Key Takeaways

  • Melbourne offers undeveloped plots from $4,000 to $20,000 per acre1.
  • Sarasota features land starting at $2,000 per acre1.
  • Florida land for sale is highly sought after for both investment and residential purposes.
  • Consider economically priced locations to maximize your investment.
  • Various counties offer different advantages, from agricultural potential to industrial growth.

Why Buy Land in Florida?

Purchasing land in Florida is a great choice for both investors and those looking for a place to call home.

Investment Potential

Florida has a booming economy worth over $1 trillion. It’s home to 22 million people, and nearly 1,000 more move in every day. By 2030, it’s expected to grow to at least 26 million2.

This growth leads to the creation of 80,000 to 90,000 new jobs each year. This is why many see it as the best place to invest in real estate2.

Buying land in Florida at tax auctions can be a smart move. About a quarter to a third of auctioned properties are land, selling at big discounts. Some properties sell for as little as 10 or 20 cents on the dollar2. You can find deals on whole areas or land not fully developed. Plus, being the second largest cattle state in the U.S., it offers opportunities for agricultural investments2.

best real estate investment in Florida

Residential Appeal

Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, drawing people from high-tax states. Its diverse landscapes, from beaches to rural areas, suit many lifestyles2. Professionals like Carolyn and Kristen are known for their help in buying and selling homes smoothly3.

Experienced land brokers can make navigating Florida’s real estate market easier. Customers praise Carolyn for her hands-on help and market insights. Her efforts in property preparation and working with contractors stand out3. Many recommend buying land in Florida due to the high satisfaction they’ve experienced3.

Florida’s vast rural areas, comprising 97% of the state, are open for various uses, including farming. There are tax breaks and incentives to improve wildlife habitats4. With rural land values increasing every year, buying quality land in Florida is not just a good financial move but also enhances your lifestyle4.

Melbourne: Tech and Aerospace Hub

Melbourne is on Florida’s Space Coast and is becoming vital for tech and aerospace. It has over 17,000 companies in the aerospace field. These companies employ 130,000 people and add over $20 billion to the area’s economy each year5.

One big player is L3Harris Technologies, bringing in $17 billion a year. Lockheed Martin is another, with 9,000 workers in Orlando and the Space Coast. The area is also proud to have SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Northrop Grumman, which help the economy grow5.

tech hub real estate

What makes Melbourne stand out is its affordable land prices, ranging from $4,000 to $20,000 per acre. This makes it a great place for property investors. The average home price here is $365,000, showing a 2% increase since 2023 because demand is going up. With very little housing available, it’s clear why people are drawn to live or invest here6.

The region’s prestige is boosted by Florida Tech’s presence, known for its STEM focus. The Melbourne Art Festival and the high performance of public schools make living here better. The area’s connection to space organizations intensifies its appeal, making it a top choice for aerospace ventures.

Palm Beach: Agricultural Goldmine

Palm Beach County shines as a top spot for agricultural investors. Its rich soil and perfect weather make it a dream for those wanting to own Florida land.

Strong Cash Rents

In Florida, Palm Beach is famous for its profitable agricultural land. It offers the state’s highest cash rents for cropland at $421 per acre. Landowners can rely on this for a solid passive income, making it a great investment choice.

High Demand Crops

Now, let’s talk about what grows here. Palm Beach is big on crops like corn, peppers, and sugarcane. These crops help make a big impact on Florida’s $7.4 billion agricultural industry. The state is known for its oranges, tomatoes, and bell peppers, holding a prime spot in their production7.

Besides, Palm Beach has lots of timberlands, over 17 million acres to be exact8. This variety of lands means there are different ways to make a steady income, from crops to timber and more.

This all adds up to make Palm Beach a great place for agricultural ventures. Whether you want to farm or earn from leasing your land, this area offers great cash rents and a strong demand for farm goods.

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Orlando: The Heart of Entertainment

Orlando is famous worldwide for places like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. It’s great for both living and investing. In 2018, Orlando welcomed 75 million visitors, making it more popular than New York City9.

This big number of tourists helps Orlando’s economy grow. This is good news for anyone wanting to invest in real estate here. The average price for land homes is $383,000. There are currently 256 land homes for sale10. Also, prices for houses have gone up 33% since 2020, now averaging $375,00011.

Investing in Orlando’s entertainment sector is a smart move. Since 2020, over 100,000 new jobs have been created. At the same time, over 120,000 new people have moved here11. This growth makes people want more houses, leading to 528 land homes being bought in the last month alone10. Moreover, more than 25,000 new homes have started being built in 2023. This shows Orlando’s housing market is really growing11.

Picking the Orlando real estate market is good for many reasons. There are lots of rental property options. Winter Park, for example, has a high Airbnb booking rate and good income. It’s possible to make $3,230 a month from a four-bedroom house9. In Davenport, you can rent out for $217 a night, with a 74% booking rate9. These numbers prove how investments in Orlando’s real estate can pay off well.

Two big reasons make Orlando stand out for investing. It has lots of people and jobs, making it a stable place for home buying. Also, nearby areas like Winter Garden are great for investing too. This means there are many options in and around Orlando for real estate11.

Orlando is full of fun places, but not all are close enough to walk to. This makes investing in land here a smart choice. The mix of a hot real estate market and a growing entertainment sector is a golden opportunity for investors, new or experienced.

Duval: Industrial Growth and Forestry

Duval County is the home of the lively city of Jacksonville. It plays a key role in the growth of industries and investment in forestry. Its perfect location and strong infrastructure have made Duval a leading industrial center.

Jacksonville’s Industrial Boom

Jacksonville has become a major hub for industries, boosted by its excellent distribution and logistics. This area in Florida is a top pick for industrial properties. Duval County has over 2,710 properties available, showing a vibrant market. Prices start from $4,750 for 0.34 acres in Putnam County up to $9,900,000 for 937 acres in Madison County12. You’ll also find properties in Saint Johns, Marion, Putnam, and other counties, with sizes from 0.22 to 937 acres12.

Forestry Opportunities

Additionally, Duval is a major player in Florida’s forestry, contributing to over $25 billion a year13. More than half of Florida’s land is forest and timberlands, making it a great place for forestry investments13. In Duval County, you can find a wide range of properties perfect for forestry. This includes wooded areas, urban plots, and land for farming14.

Sarasota: Economic Base and Low Land Prices

Sarasota shines on the west coast of Florida. It has a strong economy and low land prices. You can buy land for as cheap as $2,000 to $3,000 per acre1. This makes Sarasota a great place for real estate investments. And, there are tax incentives that attract both investors and developers.

In Sarasota, the real estate market in 2024 is full of homes, making it a buyer’s market15. The city is known for its great transportation and prime location. Here, you can find many real estate opportunities, from homes to commercial properties. Florida’s thriving economy adds to Sarasota’s charm. The strong economy is driven by farming, making things, and tourism16. These key economic sectors provide a solid base for growth and stability in the real estate market.

What’s more, Florida is getting more attention for its affordable land. Sarasota is leading the way with its strong economy and cheap land. This creates a great chance for investors and developers alike.

Madison County: Affordable Living and Homesteading

Looking for affordable land in Florida? Madison County is a great spot. The median price for land homes is about $300,000. Currently, there are around 110 land homes for sale17. This makes it a great place for investors. You can find different types of properties here, like single-family homes, mobile homes, fixer-uppers, and multi-family units17.

The real estate in Madison County is budget-friendly. Prices start from $31,000 and go up to $1.5 million17. The price per acre can be very low, sometimes just $1,00018. This is perfect for those wanting to buy more land on a smaller budget.

Interested in homesteading? Madison County has the space. You can find properties from small lots to parcels over 940 acres19. About 20% of land listings provide enough space for farming19. It’s a great place for self-sufficient living.

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Madison County is not just affordable, it’s peaceful too. It’s home to calm cities like Greenville and Madison. There are rural properties available too, close to nature yet not far from town centers19.

Located close to other counties, Madison links you to more developed areas17. This means you get the best of both worlds – quiet living with easy access to amenities.

Madison County’s real estate is also a good option for investors. About 10% of properties can bring in income19. This could turn into a good long-term investment.

There’s also variety in property ages, from 2006 to 202219. So, you can pick from modern or newer homes, based on your taste.

Madison County truly stands out in Florida. It offers affordable prices and lots of space for those looking to homestead.

Okeechobee: Agriculture and Affordability

Okeechobee sits near Lake Okeechobee, making it a top spot for buying land. It’s famous for its farming, especially in dairy and beef. This place has a strong history in dairy and beef farming.

Dairy and Beef Production

Okeechobee is really well-known for dairy and beef. The area’s farms attract lots of investors. Plus, the land here is not super expensive, ranging from $3,500 for smaller areas to over a million for fancy properties20. For land with houses, prices go from $22,900 to $1,150,00020. This makes it a good place for different agriculture ventures.

Rural Living

Looking for quiet life in Florida? Okeechobee mixes peace with chances to make money. There are 312 land homes for sale now20. Prices vary, starting at $26,000 per acre up to $750,00020. Many events, like the Speckled Perch and Music Festivals, keep the community lively21.
When buying, consider setback rules and lot sizes – houses could be on 1.25 acres with specific setbacks21.

Lehigh Acres: Rapid Growth and Opportunity

Lehigh Acres shines bright in Florida’s real estate rush. Currently, there are 2,366 homes for sale, with a median price of $364K. It’s a great place for property investment22. You can find 3,173 land parcels ready for development in this bustling Lee County region.

Last month, 20 condos, 6 townhouses, and 102 multi-family units sold. This shows high demand for living spaces22. Areas such as Pelican Preserve and Lehigh Estates attract new folks often. The area buzzes with 86,654 people and 6,218 jobs, making it a lively choice for investment.

The median house price stands at $350,000. If you’re looking at smaller options, expect two-bedroom homes at $160,000 and one-bedroom units at $118,00023. Lots of land are also affordable here, ranging from $18.7K to $67.8K. It’s an inviting mix for investors looking to buy here.

Eisenhower offers solid investment prospects too. Lands in this district run at $19,000 to $60,000 on average24. They’re welcoming a growing population with almost 13,000 residents. Despite not being very walkable, it proves popular with 48 home sales last month, across various housing types24. The listing in areas like Sunshine and Joel only sweetens the deal in Lehigh Acres.

Not far, cities like Alva and Buckingham also present many land sale chances22. Florida’s real estate rush, paired with Lehigh Acres’ growth, makes it a golden opportunity. Thus, for those looking at Florida, Lehigh Acres can be a wise real estate choice.

Polk: One of the Fastest-Growing Counties

Polk County is quickly growing in Florida, garnering a lot of interest. Its strong economy and affordable land attract many investors. This makes it a top choice for people wanting to invest.

Strong Economic Base

The economy in Polk is diverse, boosted by manufacturing, distribution, and farming. In 2023, 26,029 people moved there, making it the fifth fastest-growing county in the US25. This influx has made it a key spot for economic growth and property investment.

Compared to other areas in Florida, Polk has lower property taxes, making it appealing. Cities like Auburndale and Winter Haven provide many housing options for families26. With over 10 million people living near Lakeland, the real estate market is strong, offering a good chance for investors.

Cheapest Land Prices

Looking for affordable land in Florida? Polk County offers some of the best deals. The average land price is $397,213, and an acre costs about $45,26827. In Lake Wales, land prices are around $57,069 per acre27. For even more affordable land, Indian Lake Estates has prices between $11,500 and $21,50027.

For commercial real estate, Polk has 342 properties available, showing a lively economy27. The reducing house sales indicate a growing interest and potential for profit from investments.

Polk’s location between Orlando and Tampa, with easy access to highways, is very convenient26. Combine this with a strong economy and low land prices, and investing in Polk is quite attractive.

  1. The robust economic foundation makes Polk County a favorable option for economic growth real estate.
  2. The diverse range of land prices accommodates various investment budgets.
  3. Polk County’s strategic location offers great connectivity to major Florida cities.
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Economic growth in Florida is clear, with Polk ranking high25. For real estate investment, Polk offers low costs and high growth chances27.

Jackson: Ideal for Hunting and Forestry

Jackson County in the Florida panhandle is perfect for those wanting great property. It’s especially good for hunting, forestry, or fishing. It’s known for fine whitetail deer hunting and its varied land use makes it a top pick for both investors and hunters.

Prime Hunting Land

Jackson County is known for having some of the best hunting land in Florida. It offers features like Econfina River frontage, access to highways, and large areas of land. These are perfect for finding wildlife such as whitetail deer, turkey, and hogs28. Properties here range from 12.25 acres to over 940 acres, giving buyers lots of choices28. Similar properties in Madison County show that Jackson County is rich in options for hunting fans.

Forestry and Fishing

Jackson County is a standout for forestry due to its cheap prices and rich lands. The properties often include special areas like hardwood oak heads and wetlands. These can be used for timber and fun outdoor activities28. Good road systems make these lands easy to use and maintain28. For those who love fishing, properties in Jackson County offer great chances to fish, with many having pond access and spaces for outdoor fun28.

PropertyLocationAcreagePriceNotable Features
Econfina Riverfront TractJackson County, FL940 acres$9,900,000River frontage, whitetail deer
JEH RanchLakeland, FL2,864 acres$18,616,000Prime hunting land, managed timberland
Smith Road TractBronson, FL706 acres$2,612,200Affordable, diverse land use


Getting land in Florida is a smart move. It’s one of the most wanted places in the U.S. There, you can find everything from high-tech cities like Melbourne to farming areas in Palm Beach. Florida’s land market has something for everyone, including city lovers and nature seekers.

The price of land changes depending on where it is and what it offers. For people looking to invest or make a home, Florida remains a great choice29. Home values are going up, and more people are moving in. This shows Florida’s economy is strong, which is good news for property owners30. With its beautiful coastlines and wide-open rural areas, finding the perfect piece of land in Florida is quite possible31.

Florida makes it easy to buy land with support and low taxes2931. Places like Clay County offer fun, while Hendry County has affordable deals. Buying land in Florida is a step towards success, as it is a solid investment. It’s a way to enjoy a great lifestyle while owning a piece of Florida’s charm.

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