When Is a Demolition Permit Required in Florida

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May 30, 2024

when is a demolition permit required in florida

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Demolishing any building, be it a house or business, needs careful steps. In Florida, you must get a demolition permit. This makes sure the work meets the demolition regulations florida and florida building demolition laws.

But, when is a demolition permit required in florida? And what do you need for the demolition permit requirements florida?

As cash home buyers in Florida, we often encounter properties in various states of disrepair. Sometimes, the best solution for a distressed property is a complete teardown and rebuild. However, this process isn’t as simple as bringing in the bulldozers. One crucial step we must navigate is determining when a demolition permit is required in Florida.

Key Takeaways

  • A demolition permit is mandatory in Florida for razing or removing any existing building or structure, including interior load-bearing walls.
  • Commercial demolitions require a pre-demolition inspection and additional approvals from authorities.
  • Permit applications must include site plans, asbestos affidavits, and other supporting documents.
  • Fees for the demolition permit are based on a Fee Schedule and must be paid before permit issuance.
  • Inspections are required before and after the demolition work to ensure compliance.

Permit Requirement for Demolition

In Florida, a demolition permit is needed for demolishing any part of a structure. This includes interior walls. Especially if these walls are load-bearing.

Residential Buildings

For residential buildings in Florida, a demolition permit is required for demolishing. This covers all parts of the structure, even interior walls. The aim is to follow safety and environmental rules.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings in Florida also require a demolition permit. This is needed for tearing down any part, such as interior walls or important parts. Yet, if the walls don’t support the building and there’s no big change, a quick permit might be available.

At Junk Home Buyers LLC, we handle all the complexities of this process for our sellers. Our team works diligently to secure the necessary permits, ensuring a smooth and compliant demolition process. This allows us to expedite property transformations, helping homeowners move forward quickly and efficiently.

Getting the right demolition permits is very important in Florida. This is for both homes and commercial buildings. It ensures demolition happens safely and legally.

RequirementResidential BuildingsCommercial Buildings
Demolition PermitRequiredRequired
Pre-Demolition InspectionNot RequiredRequired
Licensed ContractorRequiredRequired

The table shows key differences for demolition between homes and commercial buildings in Florida. A demolition permit and a contractor are needed for both. However, only commercial buildings also need a pre-demolition inspection.

Obtaining Approvals Before Permit Application

Before you apply for a demolition permit in Florida, you need two essential approvals. These approvals are important steps to take. They make sure you follow health and environmental rules closely.

Health Department Approval

Getting a green light from the local Health Department is crucial for your demolition permit florida health department approval. This step is all about safety. It checks that your demolition plan won’t harm anyone’s health nearby. In Orange County, you must get approval from the Health Department. You can find them at 1001 Executive Center Drive, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32803.

Environmental Protection Division Approval

Health Department’s okay is not the only one you need. You also require approval from the Environmental Protection Division. They focus on environmental issues. It’s important to follow their rules to keep the area safe. In Orange County, go to 3165 McCrory Place, Suite 200, Orlando, FL 32803 for their check, which is a crucial step for your demo permit application.

These essential steps show property owners and contractors are serious about safety and following the rules when demolishing.

Pre-Demolition Inspection

Before any demolition work in Florida, a pre-demolition inspection is key. This is required for both commercial and residential buildings. They have separate rules, which are important to know:

Commercial Building Inspection

For a commercial building in Florida, you need a demolition permit. This means a pre-demolition inspection is a must. The inspection is thorough and checks for safety. It finds any risks before the building is taken down. Applicants must fill out a detailed form before they can start.

Residential Building Exemption

Demolishing residential places in Florida is different. It doesn’t need a special inspection before. This makes it easier for homeowners or workers tearing down houses. But, they still must follow all rules and get the right permissions.

No matter the kind of building, an inspection before demolition is crucial. It’s about keeping people and places safe. Following these steps makes sure projects move ahead smoothly and safely.

Application Requirements

To get a demolition permit in Florida, you need to fill out a form and attach some documents. Below are the key things you need for the demolition permit application in Florida:

Permit Application Form

The main thing you need is the Application for Land Use/Building Application form. This form is crucial for getting a demolition permit in Florida.

Site Plan and Property Maps

You also must include a site plan requirements demolition permit Florida. It should be to scale or you can use an aerial map from the Property Appraiser. The map must clearly show where the building to be demolished is located.

site plan requirements demolition permit florida

Contractor or Owner-Builder Requirements

When applying for a demolition permit in Florida, having a licensed contractor requirements demolition permit Florida is a must. Or if you’re doing it yourself, you can act as your own contractor under certain conditions. This includes filling out the Owner Builder Disclosure Statement, following F.S. 489.103(7)(a). But remember, only a Licensed Contractor can give Power of Attorney to someone else.

Only property owners or licensed contractors can get Demolition Permits in Florida. If you’re only demolishing part of a building, a pool, or just the inside, you’ll need a building permit, not a demolition permit.

Application FormApplication for Land Use/Building Application
Site PlanDimensionally scaled or Property Appraiser’s aerial map showing structure location
ContractorLicensed general, building, or demolition contractor
Owner-BuilderOwner Builder Disclosure Statement under F.S. 489.103(7)(a)
Power of AttorneyOnly Licensed Contractor can provide Power of Attorney to agent

If you’re a property owner and you apply for a Demolition Permit, you might need to give a $1,000 cash deposit or a damage bond. Also, you might have to pay a $100 fee for a Sewer Disconnect.

Notice of Commencement

Starting a demolition project in Florida over $5,000 means using a Notice of Commencement (NOC). It’s needed for the demolition permit requirements. This form tells everyone about the job and keeps them safe.

In Florida, you should file a Notice of Commencement before starting work. This is usually done within 90 days of when work begins. The property owner must do this, unless a construction loan is being used. Then, the lender files it.

Not filling the Notice of Commencement demolition permit Florida can lead to trouble for people on the project.

After it’s filed, the demolition permit Notice of Commencement requirements Florida last a year, unless it says something else. Contractors and suppliers don’t file it, but they need to see it. They get important details from it for the 45-day notice to the owner.

Project ValueNOC Required?Filing PartyValidity Period
Under $5,000NoN/AN/A
Over $5,000YesProperty Owner or Lender (if construction loan)1 year from filing date

Meeting the demolition permit Notice of Commencement requirements Florida means your demolition job follows the law. This protects everyone involved.

Asbestos Acknowledgement

When you want to demolish a building in Florida, you have to follow asbestos acknowledgement demolition permit florida rules. These rules are by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. If there’s asbestos in the building parts, you must obey these rules. You’ll also have to give an Asbestos Affidavit to the permit office.

For demolition permit asbestos requirements florida, you need to show plans if the job involves taking out certain parts. These can be walls, doors, lights, and more. If they find asbestos in any part, you must do as the Florida DEP says and give an Asbestos Affidavit.

If a home builder is not a professional and you are leading the project yourself, you must share this. Use an Owner-Builder Disclosure Statement for the asbestos acknowledgement demolition permit florida application.

Those submitting permits must also prove they own the property. This is needed when the ownership details don’t match public records. A recorded Warranty Deed should be given if this happens.

  • If you are renting or part of an HOA, a notarized letter from the property owner or HOA is needed. It gives you permission to do the work.
  • Demolition affecting utilities requires you to show approval from the utility companies.
Compliance MeasurePercentage
Applications with all necessary documentation85%
Applications lacking required information15%
Asbestos surveys required in permit applications20%

We can compare different sides of demolition permits in Broward County. For example, how many residential against commercial permits were given. Or, the need for different types of permits, like for power lines versus water lines.

Fees and Payments

Getting a demolition permit in Florida will cost you money. The demolition permit fees change from place to place. In Orange County, you should check the Fee Schedule from the Division of Building Safety to see how much a demolition permit will cost you.

After your demolition permit application gets the green light, you’ll get a bill. It will detail how much you owe for the demolition permit. Before you can start tearing anything down, you have to pay these fees.

Fee TypeAmount
Application Processing Fee$25.00 (due at application submittal)
Unlicensed Contractor Activity Enforcement Fee$10.00 (due at application submittal)
Building Code Review Fee$75.00 for the first $1,000.00 of job value + $3.25 per $1,000.00 of job value or portion thereafter
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 468.631 BCA1.5% of the Building Code fees above (including the Application Fee) or $2.00, whichever is greater
Florida State Surcharge F.S. 553.721 FBC1% of the Building Code fees above (including the Application Fee) or $2.00, whichever is greater
Land Development Review Fee$15.00 Base Fee
Natural Resources Review Fee$15.00 Base Fee
Zoning Review Fee$36.00 Base Fee

In Orange County, Florida, demolition permits can’t be done online through Fast Track. You must apply and pay for your demolition permit in person. Or through other ways the authorities tell you about.

Utility Company Approvals

Before getting a demolition permit in Florida, plans have to be checked and approved by utility companies. They make sure the project will be safe and won’t cause any issues.

Applicants need a Certification of Service Disconnect Form from the utility companies. This shows they agree with the demolition work. Without these approvals, you might not get your demolition permit on time, or at all.

The whole review and approval process can take around 20 business days. To move things along, it’s wise to get in touch with key utility providers like AT&T, TECO, and others. They need to review and approve your plans.

utility company approvals demolition permit florida

Getting approvals from utility companies is key to the demolition permit process. Without these, you could face big delays or not get the permit.

Remember, getting these utility approvals can take some time. So, be prepared for a delay in your project planning. Utility company approvals are a big must before you can even think about getting a demolition permit in Florida.

Permit Issuance and Inspections

After finishing the application and paying the fees, you’ll get your demolition permit issuance florida. But, before you start tearing down anything, the local authorities must do a pre demolition inspection florida.

Pre-Demolition Inspection

A pre demolition inspection florida is must for commercial demolitions. Officials make sure the site is safe and follows environmental laws. Before this, you must submit the pre-demolition form and the Notice for Demolition or Asbestos Renovation.

For houses, this isn’t needed. For commercial ones, demolition can start after passing the inspection.

Final Inspection

After the demo, a final demolition inspection florida is done. Authorities check that the site is clear and debris is gone. They ensure everything’s as it should be under local rules.

Remember, you must set up both the pre-demolition and final checks with local authorities. Skipping these inspections could mean fines or halt in demolition work.

when is a demolition permit required in florida

In Florida, tearing down a building of any kind needs a special permit. This rule applies to homes, stores, or any structure. A permit makes sure everything happens safely and follows all laws.

The process to get a demolition permit is detailed. It includes getting various approvals, filling out forms, paying fees, and arranging for checks. Specific rules need to be followed. For instance:

  • Commercial buildings need a detailed check before getting the okay for demolition.
  • Residential areas might be able to skip the check-up for their permit.
  • A special rule allows the building’s owner to also be the demolition contractor under certain conditions.
  • For projects over $5,000, a special form called the Notice of Commencement is a must.
  • Local governments set the cost of applying based on their schedules.

Doing things right, with approved steps and experts, is key for demolitions in Florida. Sticking to these rules ensures a demolition that’s both safe and lawful.

Contact information for the Division of Building Safety in Orange County: Phone (407) 836-5500, Email: PLANSCOORDINATION@OCFL.NET, Office address: Orange County Administration Building, 201 South Rosalind Avenue, 1st Floor, Orlando 32801.

Demolition Debris Recycling

When a building is torn down in Florida, a lot of construction debris gets made. Florida makes sure this demolition debris is handled properly by laws in the Florida Administrative Code. This code, Rule 62-701.730, looks after how Construction and Demolition Debris is taken care of.

It’s a rule in Florida that any construction and demolition debris must be dealt with before it’s put in a landfill. This rule helps with recycling. Florida also passed a law, Chapter 2010-205, that says these landfills must have liners and systems to control harmful liquids. This is to keep the environment safe.

Effective dates of the Rule 62-701.730 revisions: 03/13/2016, 06/11/2015, 08/12/2012, and 01/06/2010, highlight the timeline of regulatory changes impacting the construction and demolition industry in Florida.

If you’re tearing something down in Florida, authorities might want to know if you’ll recycle the trash. Different places might have their own rules, or even bonuses, for construction and demolition waste recycling.

How to get a permit

Anyone who wants a permit for a trash site must follow these rules. They should fill out Form 62-701.900(6). The form asks for a lot of details, like drawings, soil checks, water studies, and how the place is going to stop harmful stuff from getting out. It also needs plans for stopping pollution.

After July 1, 2010, any new trash sites must have special stuff to keep bad things from the trash away from the ground. They need to have a layer that stops leaks, made from a certain plastic, and a system to gather up any bad liquid. This isn’t necessary unless the type of trash or how it’s disposed of requires it.

The people who own or run trash sites must also keep a plan that says how they run things, and what to do in an emergency. They have to squash the trash often and make the ground where they put it slowly go down. This is to make sure the trash doesn’t hurt the environment.

County-Ordered Demolitions

Counties such as Seminole County, Orange county and the other counties in Florida can order a building to be torn down if it’s unsafe or breaks the law. To start the process, those needing to demolish a building must mention the county’s purchase order number when they get their demolition permit.

  • Unsafe or dilapidated buildings posing a hazard to public safety
  • Structures that violate local building codes or zoning regulations
  • Properties that have been abandoned or neglected for a long time

If someone ignores a county’s order to demolish a building, the county might do it themselves. They’ll then put a lien on the property to cover what it cost them.

In Lee County, for instance, the permit fee will be doubled plus an additional $110 if the demolition is in response to a received violation or county order.

To get a demolition permit, there’s more than just applying. Here are some extra steps you might need to take:

  1. Contacting the county’s Unsafe Structures division to pay any outstanding violation fees
  2. Submitting a site plan or survey of the property
  3. Providing proof of septic system demolition plans
Purchase Order NumberRequired for all county-ordered demolitions
Site Plan/SurveyDepicts the structure to be demolished
Utility Disconnect LetterConfirms the disconnection of electrical services
Septic System PlanDetails the plans for demolishing the septic system

To obtain a demolition permit in your county and avoid fines or legal issues, it’s crucial to follow all county regulations.


In Florida, getting a demolition permit is critical for any project. This process includes getting approvals, submitting forms, paying fees, and setting up checks.

It can be tricky to get a demolition permit in Florida. But, it’s important for safety and the area’s well-being. You need approvals from groups like the Health Department and the Environmental Protection Division. You also have to show detailed site plans and do checks before tearing down anything.

Getting a demolition permit in Florida is a key step. It helps follow rules, keep things safe, and protect the environment. This involves getting OKs, sending forms, paying, and arranging checks. Working with experts and doing things the right way ensures a demolition that is both safe and legal.

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